Qurtuba University
Of Science & Information Technology,
Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan
Faculty of Engineering

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Aim of Civil Engineering

Currently for the economic growth targets set by the government of Pakistan, mega projects involving civil works such as dames, motorways, power plants, airports, new cities and infrastructure in FATA areas are to be built in near future.  Keeping in view the required demand of Civil Engineers in the country, BSc. Civil
Engineering is launched which meet the present and future demands of these engineers. Graduates of this program are expected to be well acquaint with the following competencies during their four year stay at in the University:
• Recognize and define Civil Engineering problems and suggest practical    solutions using up to  date Civil Engineering practices.
• Practical application of knowledge of sciences and Civil Engineering in their  professional  career. 
• Design Civil Engineering projects using the standard procedures for  accomplish such work.  
Design, conduct and interpret the results of Civil Engineering field & experimental data.
Work effectively in diverse teams and provide leadership to teams and organizations. 
Express effectively using verbal, graphic and written forms of communications.  
Understand the impact of engineering decisions in social, economic, environmental and global      context. 
Adhere to discipline and code of ethics of the engineering profession. 
Engage in life-long learning and recognize the importance of doing so.  
A broad education necessary to contribute effectively beyond their professional careers.