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In exercise of the powers conferred on him under Section-10(7) of the Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology Ordinance-2001, the President, Qurtuba University of Science & IT is pleased to approve the following policies with immediate effect:

1. Research and Development Policy

2. Policy for Faculty Development

3. Policy for Guidance and Counseling

4. Policy for Alumni and Placement

5. Policy for Code of ethics for Faculty and Students

6. Policy for CSR

7. Policy for Faculty Consultancy Programs

8. Policy for Admission



Thursday, 20 July 2017 00:00

The Dialogue-Alert


Be advised that Editorial Board of The dialogue in its recent meeting has unanimously decided that no further intake of articles for our Journal will be entertained as selection for September issue has already been finalized.

New announcement for inviting the articles will appear in news alert as we will start working on December Issue.

Abstracts need to be written in Italic with structure style and be concise to the limit of 250 words.

Total length of the journal article approved is within 5000 words or 12 pages.

Committee further approved that no more than three authors in an article will be entertained in future and all the references be compiled according to the Chicago style.

Friday, 26 May 2017 00:00

Meeting of the Academic Council

Meeting of the Academic Council of Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology was held on 25th May, 2017 at 9:30 a.m  under the chairmanship Professor Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Khan (Acting VC), was held here at Peshawar Campus on 25th May, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. The following attended the meeting:

  1. Mr. Saif ul Islam, Pro Vice Chancellor, QUSIT,
  2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Riaz Khan, Dean of Sciences & IT, QUSIT,
  3. Prof. Dr. Wazim, Dean, Faculty of Teacher Education,
  4. Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa, Department of Political Science & IR,
  5. Dr. Muhammad Zahid, HoD, Department of Zoology, Islamia College University, Peshawar,
  6. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, Department of Sciences & IT,
  7. Prof. Dr. Mumtaz Khan, Department of Management Sciences,
  8. Prof. Dr. Sahib-e-Islam, Department of Islamic Studies
  9. Dr. Abdul Hamid Khan, HoD, Department of Linguistic and Literature.
  10. Professor Dr. Fazal Ur Rehman Sethi, Department of Sciences & IT,
  11. Professor Dr. Mir Kalan Shah, Department of Management Sciences,
  12. Professor Dr. Gulzar Ali Khan, Department of Sciences & IT,
  13. Dr. Saima Batool, HoD, Department of Management Sciences,
  14. Dr. Asim Zaib, Assistant Professor, Department of Sciences & IT,
  15. Syed Anwaar Hussain, Assistant Professor, Department of Sciences & IT,
  16. Mr. Imran Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences,
  17. Mr. Azmat Ullah Khan, Registrar

In his presidential address Vice Chancellor welcomed the members of the academic council in the May meeting and said that Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology is all capable to meet the expectations of the people in the field of higher education and research. Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology is being widely recognized not only in the province but also across the country due to its incredible achievements soon after its establishment.

The meeting approved the scheme of studies and syllabi of new programs (PhD Computer Science, PhD Islamiat, BS Botany, BS Mathematics, BS Zoology and B.Ed 1.5). The meeting also approved minutes of the Boards of Studies of Science and IT, Board of Studies of Teachers Education, Linguistic and Literature, Islamic Studies, Civil and Electrical and recommended the same to Board of Governors for approval.

On this occasion, Pro vice chancellor, Mr. Saif-ul-Islam said that the transformation and strengthening process of academic and administration will be enhanced to achieve the defined goals of the University in the domain of higher education.

Earlier, Registrar Qurtuba University, Mohammad Azmat Ullah briefed the honorable members’ bout the agenda items for the meeting. Various matters and issues relating to enhancement the standard of higher education and research activities were meticulously discussed and resolved on the valuable suggestions of the honorable member.

The meeting, then, ended with vote of thanks from and to the chair.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017 00:00

PhD Supervision Training by HEC

Higher Education Commission is trying continuously to bring the education system of the Universities up to the mark. In this regard, the organization has launched Tertiary Education Support Program for the capacity building of faculty & staff of HEIs.  Similarly they have organized a workshop under the title of   “PhD Supervision Training” in all provinces. Engr. Dr. Muhammad Tariq Bashir, Chairman, Department of Civil Engineering, Qurtuba University of Science & IT, DI Khan represented his University in the training. He was awarded with a certificate on the successful completion of Training Workshop on “PhD Students’ Supervision” held on 20th May, 2017 at Margala Hotel, Islamabad

Dr. Kashif Amin, Director QEC and Dr. Azmat Ali Shah, Deputy Director (QEC), QUSIT, participated in a two day training organized by Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), HEC, Islamabad on preparations for Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) and MS/PhD review committee visits. Dr. Kashif Amin also gave a presentation on the progress made by QEC, Qurtuba University uptill now in the current academic year.

Sunday, 07 May 2017 15:00

Visit to PepsiCo (Pvt) Limited

Industrial visits are an essential part of any academic program that contributes to the achievement of various significant learning outcomes and program objectives. In order to bridge the gap between the industry and academia, a visit to PepsiCo (Pvt) Limited, Peshawar, was organized by Mr. Wisal Ahmad (Event Coordinator), for the students of the Department of Management Sciences & Department of Sciences & IT on Wednesday 3rd, May 2017, which was strongly endorsed by the Senior Coordinator Academics, Syed Anwaar Hussain and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Mr. Saif-ul-Islam.
The management and staff of PepsiCo were extremely cooperative. They briefed the students regarding Total Quality Management and the operations of finance and HR sections. They briefed the M.Sc Chemistry students’ about the overall chemicals and their formulas which are used in the PepsiCo products. The students were divided into various groups. Each group was taken separately and was explained functioning of the manufacturing plant. The theory has already been taught in the class regarding how the manufacturing units focus on total productivity and total quality but by far this was the first hands on experience on how does a manufacturing unit or plant actually works, similarly the chemistry students has already been taught about the ingredients and how they are processed before the final product.
The students enjoyed the visit and found it a stimulating experience. The students were accompanied by faculty members, Assistant Professor, Mr. Naveed Shahzad, Department of Management Sciences and Ms Asma Naz, Lecturer Chemistry, Department of Sciences & IT.

The 3rd meeting of Board of Studies, Department of Sciences & IT was held on May 3rd, 2017 at Conference Room II, Qurtuba University of Science & IT (QUSIT), Peshawar Campus.
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Riaz Khan, Dean, Faculty of Sciences & IT chaired the meeting. The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Gulzar, Department of Sciences & IT, QUSIT, Dr. Muhammad Zahid, HoD, Department of Zoology, Islamia College University Peshawar, Dr. Haider Ali, Lecturer in Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, University of Peshawar, Syed Anwaar Hussain, Assistant. Prof Computer Science, Senior Coordinator Academics, QUSIT, Mr. Sajid Rehman, Assistant. Prof. Computer Science, Coordinator Sciences & IT, Mr. Amanat Shah, Assistant Prof. Mathematics, QUSIT, Mr, Umar, Lectuer Mathematics, QUSIT, Ms. Huma, Lecturer Botany, QUSIT, Ms. Fiza. Lectuere Botany, QUSIT, Mr. Sahibzada Jawad, Lecturer Zoology, QUSIT.
The meeting was started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. The chair welcomed the participants of the 3rd meeting of Board of Studies and briefed them about the academic activities going on at the department. It was emphasized that the role of the members will be useful and constructive for the development of the department and its academic programs. Thereafter, the regular agenda was presented before the Board for item-wise discussion. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to and from the chair.

PESHAWAR (Qurtuba University of Science & IT): A Board of Studies met at Qurtuba University of Science & IT (QUSIT) on Friday, Saturday 5th and 6th May 2017 and reviewed the contents of various courses being taught at the Department of Civil and Electrical Engineering respectively.
The meeting, attended by professionals from UET Peshawar and QUSIT academics, proposed changes to the syllabus of the departments, with focus on applied side, use of technology, employability of engineers graduates after completing their education.
The meeting participants introduced changes in the curriculum with new trends in order to develop courses that are needed in the market.
The meeting was ended with a vote of thanks to and from the Chair.

The staff and students of the University (Peshawar Campus) have visited NIFA (Nuclear Institute of Food and Agriculture) on April 26, 2017. A total of 89 students from different disciplines (Chemistry, Botany and Zoology) led by their teachers Ms. Asma Naz, Ms. Fiza and Mr. Jawad participated in the visit. Mr. Sajid Rehman, Coordinator Science and IT and Mr. Wisal Ahmad, Event Coordinator managed the overall activities and different segments of the visit. 

       The students were divided into three groups as per their specialization. Group-A was of the students of Chemistry, comprising of 17 students led by Ms. Asma. Group-B comprising of 40 students of Zoology by Wisal Ahmad and Group-C represented a total of 32 students of the Botany class led by Ms Fiza. An extensive lecture on the NIFA activites, its historical context, ongoing activities to future plan of the Institute have been given to the students by the NIFA resource person. The students visited different laboratories and fields where they observed the ongoing projects. At the end of visit, all students and staff have tremendously appreciated the efforts made by NIFA staff. The students were also thankful to the management of the University.

It is to inform you that Qurtuba University is going to publish the success stories of all the graduates who are rendering their services in various fields with in the country and abroad on University's Website, facebook official page and Alumni book. It is therefore, requested that a wirte-up of your "Success Story" may be please sent on the following email id:

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