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Saturday, 17 October 2015 04:56

B.Sc Engineering (Civil & Electrical)

Alhamdullilah, Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology, D.I Khan got recognition from PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council) for B.Sc Civil Engineering & B.Sc Electrical Engineering.

Qurtuba University Proudly announces admissions in BSc Civil and Electrical Engineering Fall 2015. Prospectus and Admission forms are available at D.I Khan and Peshawar Campus during office hours.

Dera Ismail Khan Campus:

Sheikh Yousaf Road D.I Khan: Ph: 0966-714007- 714008


Peshawar Campus:

K-A, Street-4, Phase-3, Hayatabad. Ph: 091-5825707, 5828662

Tuesday, 01 September 2015 06:35

19th BOASAR Meeting

19th BOASAR (Board of Advanced studies and Research) meeting was held on 29th August, 2015 at Qurtuba University of Science & IT,  Peshawar Campus in which the board members approved / modified / rejected the synopsis of various MS/M.Phil/Ph.D scholars.

1. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Riaz, Ph.D Physics, University of Essex, U.K, Dean of Sciences & IT
2. Dr. Wazim Khan, Ph.D Education, University of Peshawar, Dean of Teacher's Education
3. Dr. Muhammad Mansoor Khan, Ph.D Civil Engineering, University of Nottingham, Dean Faculty of Eng
4. Dr. Muhammad Nazir Kaka Khel, Ph.D Education, Univesity of Peshawar, Chairman, Political Science & IR
5. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shah, Ph.D Education, AIOU, Chairman, Teachers Education
6. Dr. Najeeb Ullah, Ph.D Pol Science & IR, Quaid-e-Azam Univesity
7. Dr. Abdul Hamid Khan, Ph.D English, UoP, Chairman, Linguistic & Literature
8. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Ph.D Islamiat, Chairman, Islamic Studies
9. Dr. Tariq Bahir, Ph.D Civil Engineering, University of Putra, Chairman, Civil Engineering
10. Engr. Dr. Amjad Nabi, Associate Professor, Ph.D Soil & Water Engineering, UPM, Malaysia
11. Prof. Asghar Ali Shah, Ph.D, LLB, UoP, Chariman, Law
12. Dr. Kashif Amin, Ph.D Management Sciences, Qurtuba Univesity, Director, QEC
13. Mr. Musa Kalim, Ph.D Physical Chemistry, UoP, Chairman, Sciences & IT
14. Dr. Jamal Uddin, Ph.D IT, University of Tun Hussein, Director ORIC
15. Prof. Dr. Fazal-ur-Rehman Sethi, Ph.D Physics, University of Uttawa Canada
16. Dr. Abaid Ullah Qaiserani, Ph.D Physics, Gomal University
17. Dr. Ammar, Ph.D Physics, Electric Science & Technology, China
18. Dr. Bashir, Ph.D Compute Science, Gomal Univesity
19. Engr. Dr. Amjad Nabi, Associate Professor, Ph.D Soil & Water Engineering, UPM, Malaysia
20. Dr. Abdul Rashid, Ph.D Compute Science, Kaunas Univesity of Technology, Kyrgyzstan
21. Prof. Dr. Mirza Hakim, Ph.D Botany, Univesity of Ankara, Turkey
22. Dr. Fida Hussain, Ph.D Botany, Univesity of Peshawar
23. Dr. Amir Badshah, Ph.D Chemistry, Quaid-e-Azam Univeristy Islamabad
24. Dr. Ahmed Saeed, Ph.D Chemistry, State Uni of Ghent, Belgium
25. Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, Ph.D Chemistry, National University of Ireland.
26. Dr. Gulzar Ali, Ph.D Mathematics, Univesity of Birmingham, UK
27. Dr. Majid Sabir, Ph.D Education, Qurtuba University Peshawar
28.  Prof. Dr. Iffat Ara Hussain, Ph.D Education, UoP
29.  Dr. Arbab Khan Afridi, Ph.D Education, UoP
30. Dr. Abdul Rehman, Ph.D Education, AIOU
31. Dr. Rahim Khan, Ph.D Education, QUSIT
32. Prof. Dr. Zahir Jang Khattak, Ph.D English, USA TUFT
33. Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Ph.D Applied Linguistic, University of Aston, Birmingham, UK
34. Dr. Ammar, Ph.D Physics, University of Electric Science & Technology, China
35. Dr. Rab Nawaz, Ph.D Linguistic & Literature, NUML, Islamabad
36. Dr. Hashmat Ali, Ph.D Islamiat, UoP
37. Dr. Sahib Islam, Ph.D Islamiat, UoP
38. Dr. Fazal Illahi, Ph.D Islamiat, University of Panjab
39. Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Ph.D Islamiat, The Islamic University of Bahawalpur
40. Dr. Sattar Khattak, Ph.D Education, Qurtuba University Peshawar
41. Prof. Dr. Naheed Rahman, Ph.D Urdu, UoP
42. Dr. Syed Zubair Shah, Ph.D Urdu, UoP
43. Dr. Aamir Malik, Ph.D Urdu, NUML
44. Prof. Dr. Riaz Majeed, Ph.D Urdu, University of Punjab
45. Prof. Dr. Aneela, Ph.D Urdu, NUML, Islamabad
46. Dr. Sheeda Muhammad, Ph.D, Qurtuba University Peshawar
47. Dr. Ijaz Majid, Ph.D Economics, UoP
48. Prof. Dr. Mir Kalan Shah, Ph.D Economics, University of East Anglia, Norwich, England
49. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mumtaz Khan, Ph.D Sociology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad
50. Dr. Mushtaq Ahmad, Ph.D Islamiat, University of Peshawar
51. Dr. Muhammad Ilyas, Ph.D Mangement Sciences, Qurtuba Univesity Peshawar
52. Dr. Yasir Hayat, Mughal, Ph.D Management Sciences, University of Malaysia, Sarawak
53. Dr. Abdul Rashid, Ph.d Computer Science, University of Technology Kyrgyzstan
54. Dr. Raza Ullah, Ph.D Management Sciences, Gomal University
55. Dr. Aziz Rehman, Ph.D Political Science, University of Karachi
56. Dr. Nazim Rahim, Ph.D IR, International Islamic Univesity
57. Dr. Azmat Ali Shah, Ph.D Political Science, Jamshoro University
58. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa, Ph.D Political Science, UoP
59. Dr. Kashif Saleem, Ph.D Management Sciences, Qurtuba University
60. Dr. Muhammad Ismail. Ph.D Political Science, Qurtuba University.
61. Syed Anwaar Hussain, Assistant Professor, Ph.D Computer Science (In Progress)
62. Dr. Muhammad Imran, Assistant Professor, Ph.D Management Sciences
63. Mr. Muhammad Sajid Rehman, Assistant Professor, Ph.D Computer Science (In Progress)
64. Dr. Naveed, Assistant Professor, Ph.D Management Sciences
65. Mr. Taj Rehman, Assistant Professor, MS Networking
Thursday, 13 August 2015 09:34

Ph.D Program in English

Qurtuba University of Science & Information Technology has proudly announced PhD in English. This is the first ever private sector university in KP (Khyber Pukhtunkhwa) to offer PhD in English. Admissions are open. For further details contact university in official time.

A meeting of the Board of Studies (Civil and Electrical) was conducted at Qurtuba University Peshawar Campus on 11th & 12 th August, 2015 respectively.

Civil Engineering Board of Studies members are:

1. Dr. Fayaz Ahmad Khan, (Head of Department, Qurtuba University)

2. Professor Dr.  Bashir Alam, (Chairman UET, Peshawar)

3. Dr. Khan Shahzada, (Associate Professor, UET, Peshawar)

 4. Professor Dr. Amjad Naseer, (UET, Peshawar)

5. Professor Amjad Ali (UET, Peshawar)

6. Engr. Zulfiqar Ali Rao, (Assistant Professor, Qurtuba University)

7. Engr. Naveed Akhtar, (Assistant Professor, Qurtuba University)

8. Engr. Zubair Abdullah, (Lecturer, Qurtuba University)


Electrical Engineering Board of Studies members are:

1. Dr. Imranullah Khan, (Head of Department, Qurtuba Unviersity)

2. Prof. Dr. Azzamul Asar (Dean Faculty of Engineering, CECOS, Hayatabad Peshawar)

3. Prof. Dr. Muhammad InayatUllah Khan Babar, (UET, Peshawar)

4. Dr. Shahid Bashir, (Assistant Professor, UET, Peshawar)

5. Engr, NomanUllah, (Assistant Professor, Qurtuba University)

6. Engr. Gulzar Ahmad, (Assistant Professor UET, Peshawar)

7. Engr. Sana Yasmeen, (Assistant Professor, Qurtuba University)

8. Engr. Usman Ali, (Lecturer, Qurtuba University)

9. Engr. Myda Khan, (Lecturer, Qurtuba University)


Saturday, 08 August 2015 05:05

One Day National Symposium

Dr. Saima Batool (Manager ORIC) and Mr. Aamir Ullah (Coordinator ORIC) at One Day National Symposium on topic "How to Develop Strong Linkages between Business, Industry and Academia". held on August 5th, 2015 at HEC Head Office Auditorium, Islamabad

Friday, 07 August 2015 11:21

Registrar Office



The office of Registrar strives hard to extend full facilitation and cooperation to the students, faculty members and the employees. The office of Registrar plays a part as a regulator within the University assisting in the interpretation and application of regulations, rules and guidelines


  • To keep in safe custody the common seal of the University and such other University records that the VC may commit to his charge.
  • To keep all academic record of the students, including maintenance of register of Graduates of the University.
  • To maintain and disseminate the University records for furnishing degrees and other University publications.
  • To keep liaison between the officers, authorities, related organizations and employees of the University.
  • Registrar Office is responsible for external correspondence with educational institutions and other bodies of higher learning.
  • To conduct of meetings of all Statutory Committees.


      Mr. Azmat Ullah Khan  
D.I Khan Campus  
Email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  Phone No: 0966-714007  

Deputy Registrar

      Mr. Kastir Gul Mian  
Deputy Registrar  
Peshawar Campus  
Email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  Phone No: 091-5828662 Ext: 817  

Deputy Registrar

      Mr. Adeel Khan  
Deputy Registrar  
D.I Khan Campus  
Email ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
  Phone No: 0966-714007  
Friday, 07 August 2015 05:43

Seminar on Transparency International

Qurtuba University in collaboration with Transparency International, jointly organized a seminar on “Leadership and Integrity in Politics” on 27th, May 2015. The following speakers expressed their views on the said topic.

Prof. Dr. Riaz Khan (HoD, Science and IT Qurtuba University)

Prof. Dr. Ghulam Mustafa

Ahmad Mohiuddin (Superintendent of Police, KP)

Attiq Ur Rehman (President, Shabab e Milli)