Current Issue


New Sino-US Rivalry in the Center of Asia Pacific
Muhammad Nazim Rahim, Barkat Ali and Assad Mehmood Khan

Harnessing Demographic Dividend as the source for accelerating Socio-economic Development in Punjab Pakistan
Muhammad Idrees, Zahira Batool, Shabbir and Sadaf

Humor Orientation and Honesty as Predictors of Leadership Effectiveness
Khuda Bakhsh, Shafqat Rasool and Muhammad Azim

The Association between Reading Self-efficacy Beliefs and Meta cognitive Reading Strategies among Saudi PYP students
Waleed Shehzad, Shazma Razzaq, Abdul Samad and Karim Bux

Comparative Study of Meta-cognitive Instruction and Cooperative learning Strategies in Promoting Insightful Learning of Students
Bushra Yasin, Shafqat Rasool and Muhammad Azim

Pakistan at the crossroads: challenges and opportunities
Asghar Ali, Muhammad Nazim Rahim and Muhammad Ilyas

Employee’s Retention and Job Satisfaction: Mediating Role of Career Development Programs
Faisal Sheraz ,Saima Batool and Saqib Adnan

Muslim-Christian Perception of Inter-religious Dialogue: A Muslim Reading from Pakistani Socio-political Context
Riaz Ahmad Saeed and Naseem Akhter

Determinants of Cost of Equity Capital Approaches: Evidence from Pakistan
Muhammad Tariq, Sajid Khattak, Fateh Ullah and Umar Siddiqui

Coverage of War on Terror: A Comparative Analysis of Pakistani, Indian and American Print Media
Shahid Minhas

Self-regulation impairment source of abusive supervision Leading to employees’ Turnover intentions with moderation of resilience in Pakistani service industry
Zara Tahir and Muhammad Asif Khan

Training Methodology of Provincial Training Institutions For Heads of Secondary Schools In Pakistan- An Evaluative Study
Shahji Ahmad & Manzoor Hussain Shah

Does Information Technology (IT) Expeditethe Internal Audit System? Determinants of Internal Audit Effectives: Evidence from Pakistani Banking Industry
Saqib Muneer, Muhammad Farhan, Rizwan Shabbir & Asim Zeb

Understanding Students’ Classroom Participation In Universities Through Gender Perspective: A Case Study Of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Farooq Nawaz Khan, Itbar Khan, Asghar Aliand Hazrat Bilal

Voice of Dissent: A Critique of Nadeem Aslam’s Representation of Islam
Waheed Ahmad Khan and Muqaddas Ullah

The impact of corruption on debt financing and corporate ownership
Sarfaraz Ahmed, Mubasher, Meer Rujaib and Amad Nabi

Speech Act of Apology by Pakistani English Speakers through the Theory of Politeness
Furrakh Abbas, Kainat Anjum and Bilal Pasha

Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Pakistan Stock Market
Sobia Naseem, Faisal Rizwan, Zaheer Abbas, Muhammad Mohsin & Muhammad Zia-ur Rahman

The Effect of Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM) on Microenterprise Success in Sabah State Malaysia
Waseem ul Hameed, Muhammad Nawaz, Muhammad Farhan Basheer and Muhammad Waseem

Determinants of Female Labour Force Participation Rate in Pakistan
Novaira Junaid, Naheed Sultana, Sadia Jabeen and Jawad Ali

The Status of Punjabi Language in the Province of Punjab, Pakistan
Furrakh Abbas, Muhammad Kashif Jalil and Zaka ur Rehman

Impact of Financial Threat on Individual's Willingness to Change Financial Behavior
Muhammad Ishtiaq, Dr. Muhammad Shahid Tufail, Khurram Shahzad & Muhammad Aamir Naseer

The Most Wanted Thing in the World is Peace: How is it Possible in Pakistan
Mumtaz Khan, Shafqat Rasool and Khuda Bakhsh

Effects of Green Marketing on Green Purchase Intentions
Muhammad Hashim, Sajjad Ahamd Baig, Muhammad Abrar, Afza Afzal, Muhammad Mohsin

Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy in the relationship of Social Capital and Entrepreneurial Intentions
RabeeyaRaoof, Dr. Ijaz Qureshi and Sadia Jabeen

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