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Frailty the name is Morality: the Moderating effects of Education on the relationship between Moral identity and Unethical Behavior
Najam Ula Islam,Beenish Malik and Tayyaba Arshad

Role of 3D Printers Industry in Strengthening R&D Collaboration between Academia and Industry
Muhammad Fiaz, Amir Ikram, Amna Saleem and Arooj Zahra

Enhancing Knowledge Management through Effective Leadership Styles: Evidence from Pakistan
Rahman Ullah, Sajid Rahman Khattak, Rashid Khan And Amna Sana

Impact of Organizational Climate on Occupational Stress of Teachers’ Working In Public Sector Universities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Khalid Saeed Akbar, Muhammad Shah and Liaqat Hussain Shah

Emotional Labor and Creativity: Testing a Moderated-Mediated Model in Banking Sector
Filza Hameed, Muhammad Mudassar Anwar and Jaleel Ahmed

Transformational Leadership, Job Embeddedness and Employee Empowerment: an Empirical Analysisof Manufacturing sector in Pakistan
Rakhshanda Maqsood, Muhammad ShahidTufail, AmnaSardar and Snawar Gill

Contribution of Career Knowledge, Self Knowledge and Career Choices in Predicting Career Decision
Shahinshah Babar Khan, Asad Abbas Rizvi and Nabi Bux Jumani

Investigating Patterns of Repair during Neuro-Typical-Neuro- Divergent Dyads: Focusing on Repair in Conversation Interactional Loops
Irfan Abbas And Ayesha Sohail

Impact of Gender Diverse Corporate Boards on the Financial Performance of Companies
Samza Fatima, Muhammad Bilal, and FaizBkhsh

An Orientalist Reading of John Denham’s The Sophy
Abdul GhaffarBhatti And Munawar Iqbal Ahmad

Factors Influencing Work Life Balance of Women Entrepreneurs: A Case of Quetta (Pakistan)
Jameel Ahmed, Nadia Saleem and Kaneez Fatima

Effectiveness of the Independent Monitoring Unit at Secondary School Level in Southern Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Karim Nawaz, Liaquat Hussain And Allah Noor Khan

Impact Of Green Supply Chain Management Practices On Economic, Environmental And Social Performance Of Frozen Food Companies
Iram Rashid, Muhammad Fiaz, Amir Ikram And Ammara Farooq

Investigating Social Skills Deficits in Mentally Retarded Students
Bushra Naoreen, Rabia khan, Asif Iqbal and Hina Jalal

Do Ethical Leaders Always Succeed? Questioning the Idealistic Notion of Ethical Leadership
Saman Javed And Taqadus Bashir

The role of Ergonomics and Quality of Work Life towards Increasing Employee Productivity
Hina Shahab, Afsheen Fatima And Muhammad Hasnain Ali

Regional implications of Iran-China relations
Kanwal Aftab, Tanweer Khalid And Dr. Aziz Ur Rehman

Adoption of Mobile Banking Services in Emerging Market: An Investigation from the Perspective of UTAUT2 Theory
Muhammad Abrar, Mohsin Bashir, Rizwan Shabbir And Shahnawaz Saqib

Impact of ‘Open Data’ on ‘News Media’ and its Effectiveness in Social and Political Development of Pakistan (A case study from UK Perspective)
Taha Shabbir, Mujeeb Abro,Siraj Ahmed Soomro And Muhammad Yaseen Moroojo

Relationship of Balanced Processing and Relational Transparency of Authentic Leadership with Job Satisfaction of University Teachers
Khan Raziq , Muhammad Munir Kayani And Azhar Mahmood

The Role Of International Donor Agencies In The Promotion of Elementary Education In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Fozia Nasim, Arshad Ali and Arbab Khan Afridi

Federalism and Causes of its Failure in Certain States
Muhammah Aamir Nazir and Riffat Deeba

Impact of Shyness on 8th Grade Students’ Class Participation
Intzar Hussain Butt, Ijaz Ahmad Tatlah, Muhammad Anwer and SaimaJunaid

Teacher’s Perception about Various Factors Contributing to Truant Behavior among Secondary School Students
Zafar Saleem, Muhammad Ishaq, Nadia Farooq And Muhammad Imran

Drivers of Destructive Fishing Practices in District Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan
Muhammad Qasim, Amir Nawaz Khan, Said Qasim, Muhammad Naeem and Naila Nazir

The Concept of Universal Citizenship in Kamila Shamsie’s Burnt Shadows
Zia Ullah, Anayat Ullah and Afifa Jabeen

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