Purification of Soul in Islamic Perspective:
A Comparative Study of Islamic Concept of Tazkiah with Monasticism

Muhammad Tariq Ghauri

Social Welfare Program in the Former State of Swat (The Paradise Lost)
Hafiz M. Yasin

Rahman Baba’s Theory of Morals 
Hanif Ullah Khan

Gender Earnings Inequality and Discrimination in the Pakistani Labor Market  
Mohmmad Farooq, Dato’ Jamalludin Sulaiman

Spiritual Aspects of Leadership Development:
Moral Approach towards Understanding Leadership Phenomenon

Javed Iqbal Shah

Rising Trends of Terrorism:
Causes, Dynamics and Remedies (A case study of Pakistan)

Habib ur Rahman


Taqdir in the light of the Quran and Sunnah (of the Prophet) 
Muhammad Saleem

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