Human Ignorance (Jahiliyyah): Past & Present
Muhammad Ayaz

Violence in the Name of God and the World Order
Ibrahim Khan

Aid for Development or Foreign Policy: Objectives behind US Foreign Aid Allocations to Israel
Murad Ali

The Philosophical Foundation of the Realist Security Paradigm
Amir Ullah Khan & Zafar Nawaz Jaspal

Fluctuations in Exchange Rate and its Impact on Macroeconomic Performance of Pakistan  
Farzana Shaheen

An Analysis of Principals’ Interventions for School Effectiveness: Principals’ Perspectives  
Parveen Khan, & Mohammad Iqbal

Far from the Madding Crowd: Bathsheba’s Tale of Resistance to Appropriation  
Shazia Ghulam Mohammad & Abdus Salam Khalis

Josh: The Poet of Vigour and Aesthetics  
Syed Attaullah Shah & Riaz Hussain

Drivers of Public Sector Reforms in Pakistan: A Comparison of NPM with Alternative Reform Drivers  
Yorid Ahsan Zia & M. Zeb Khan


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