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Volume. 10, Number. 1
January-June, 2016


Impact of the Conscientious as Personality Trait on both Job and Organizational Performance  
Shazia Hassan, Naveed Akhtar & Ayse Kucuk Yilmaz

Organizational Learning Culture and Employees’ Career Development: Empirical Evdence from Colleges of Malakand Division of Pakistan  
Haji Rahman, Wali Rahman, Nazim Ali & Fawad Khan

Market Efficiency Anomalies: A Study of January Effect In Karachi Stock Market  
Irfan Ullah & Sabeeh Ullah

The Effect of Role Overload on Employee Anxiety and Organization Citizenship Behavior
Adnan Ahmad & Shah Saud

An Integrated Model of Stress, Personality, Social Support and Job Outcomes: A study of Financial Sector of Pakistan  
Shabbar Hussain & Rauf-i-Azam

Corporate Governance and its Impact on Profitability of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Pakistan  
Khurshed Iqbal and Shahid Jan Kakakhel

Human Resource Competencies and Organizational Performance: A Study on Banking Sector Managers in Pakistan 
Owais Mufti, Gohar Saleem Parvaiz, Mohammad Wahab & Marium Durrani

Professionalism: A Key Quality of Effective Manager
Saima Batool, Sajid Rahman Khattak and Zafar Saleem

Impact of Capital Structure on Profitability: A Comparative Study of Cement &Automobile Sector of Pakistan  
Adnan Ali, Amir Ullah, Pir Qasim Shah, Naveed Shehzad & Wasiq Nawab

The Impost of the Utilization of Plastic Denomination: A Comfort or a Melancholy  
Muhammad Zahid Awan, Tafakhar Hasnain & Zulqarnain Safdar

Determinants of Attitude towards the Acceptance of Islamic Banking: A Case of District Peshawar, Pakistan  
Kashif Amin

The Effect of Psychological Capital on Employees’ Voice and Loyalty Responses to Organizational Injustice: A two Dimensional Approach
Syed Tahir Hussain Rizvi

Evaluating Pakistan’s Mutual Fund Performance: Validating through CAPM and Fama French 3-Factor Model  
Alam Rehman & Qadar Bakhsh Baloch



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