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Volume. 12, Number. 2
July - December, 2018

Current Issue


Idiosyncratic Risk and Expected Return: Evidence from Non-Financial Sector of Pakistan  
Kashif Saleem,Sajid Rahman Khattak and Kashif Amin

Extending Charkhabi (2017) Model of Job Insecurity through Moderated Mediated Analysis  
Naveed Saif, Shadiullah Khan and Saqib Adnan

A Stock Market Reaction to Firm Leverage: An Investors’ Insight from Developing Economy of Pakistan  
Shehla Akhtar and Syed Muhammad Aamir Shah

Demutualization and Stock Market Performance: A Comparative Analysis of Karachi Stock Exchange  
Anjum Ihsan, Aamir Nadeem, Mustafa Afeef and Maqsood Haider

Managing Higher Education Quality Enhancement in Pakistan through Transparent Examination System  
Amir Nadeem, Saima Batool and Mohammad Asif

Empirical Evidence on the mediation of Perceived Organizational Support in the relationship between HRM Practices and Organizational Commitment among the Bankers in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan  
Zia ur Rehman , Allah Nawaz and Faheem Khan

Corporate Governance and Quality of Financial Information Reporting: Empirical Evidence from Emerging Market  
Haseeb Ur Rahman , Saeeda Rehman , Muhammad Zahid , Naveed and Alam Rehman

High Performance Work Systems and Organizational Performance: A Case of Banking Sector of Pakistan  
Muhammad Siddique , Ahmad Qammar Faheem Ghazanfar and Owais Mufti

Gender Diversity and Managerial Ownership Response to Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives: Empirical Evidence from Australia  
Shoaib Aslam , Muhammad Abdul Majid Makki , Shahid Mahmood and Shahid Amin

The Extent of Information Disclosure in Commercial Banks of Pakistan: A Comparative Analysis of Large Commercial Banks and Small Commercial Banks  
Arif Hussain and Shahid Jan Kakakhel

Drivers of Employee Engagement and their Impact on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intentions  
Mishal Raza and Sadia Nadeem

Learning Entrepreneurship: A Comparative Study of Inherited and Business Schools Graduates  
Nasir Shaheen and Muhammad Junaid




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