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Volume. 12, Number. 4
October - December, 2018


Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Turnover Intention: The Mediating Role of Work Engagement  
Muhammad Imran and Yasir Hayat Mughal

Postive Work Events and Outcomes: Affective Events Perspective  
Sidrah Al Hassan, Tasneem Fatima, Imran Saeed and Tariq Iqbal Khan

Factors Affecting Women Entrepreneurship in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa  
Faryal Raheem

Impact of Urbanization on Economic Growth of Developing Countries  
Athar Iqbal, Samina Riaz and Muhammad Irfan Khan

The Impact of Accounting Information on Value Relevance in Pre and Post Adoption - IAS: Perspective from Pakistan  
Rana Shahid Imdad Akash, Kashif Hamid,Saima Urooj and Wasim Ghafar

Studying EMH and Defaltionary Pressures in China Economy by Modeling of China Stock Market  
Muhammad Ather Ashraf, Dr. Omar Masood, Dr. Niamat Ullah Khan And Dur-e-Nayab

An investigation of online retailing characteristics and their effects on e-retailers’ reputation and customers purchase intentions  
Muhammad Abubakar Tahir, Muhammad Ziaullah, Shan LiAnd Shumaila Naz Akhter

Creation And Enrichment Of Workplace Spirituality Through Religion  
Sania Zaheer Ali, Humera Manzoor, Sayed Mohammad Abbas and Mehboob ur Rashid

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction and Performance in the Healthcare Sector of Pakistan  
Atif Bilal, Shumaila Zeb, Wisal Ahmad and Hanniya Abid

Testing the Theory of Relational Coordination in the Healthcare Sector Peshawar  
Muhammad Tahir and Sajid Rahman Khattak

The Moderating Role of Supervisory Support in the Relationship of Attitude and Job Performance of Pharmaceutical Sales Reprsentatives  
Atiq Ur Rahman, Fayaz Ali Shah and Shahid Jan

The Impact of Islamic Work Ethics and Motivation on Knowledge Sharing: A Conceptual Model  
Khawar Naheed and Rosmah Mat Isa

Mediating Impact of Reporting Quality between Corporate Governance Mechanism and Shareholder Value in Malaysian Listed Companies  
Hafiz Ullah, MuhammadAnees Khan, Muhammad Daud Ali, Amir Nadeem and Muhammad Farooq Jan

Impact of Corporate Governance Practices on Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan  
Shams Ur Rehman, Naveed Akhtar and Muhammad Fayaz

The Role of Entrepreneurial Capacities in Creation and Discovery of Opportunities: Green Entrepreneurs in Peshawar  
Shakeel Khan, Muhammad Junaid, KhurshedIqbal and Muhammad Hashim Khan

Demographic characteristics, organizational commitment and Turnover intention of academicians of higher educational Institutions of khyber pakhtunkhwa Pakistan  
Irfanullah Khan, Shadiullah Khan and QamarAfaq Qureshi

Risk Return Conundrum By Leverage And Wacc On Stock Returns  
Maria Sultana, Bakhtiar Khan And Javed Iqbal Bhabha

Evaluating the Role of Regulator in Risk Management Framework: A Case of Banking Industry of Pakistan  
Muhammad Bilal, Noheed Khan, Nazakat Ali, Muhammad Nehal Hussain and Ali Raza

Customer Betrayal And Shift To Other Brands/Company In context of Telecommunication Industry in Pakistan  
Shams Ur Rehman, Aamir Ishaque, Bushra Ayaz, Shafi Ullah Khan, Naveed Farooq and Qasim Khan

When Social Anxiety leads to Impression Management: A Collectivist Culture’s Perspective  
Filza Hameed, Muhammad Mudassar Anwar and Iftikhar Hussain

When High Quality LMX Leads to Dissatisfaction with supervisor: A Prospective study using Impostor Phenomenon as an Explanatory Mechanism  
Nida Abbas and Sajid Bashir

Experience/ enacted tuberculosis stigmatized employees and their deviant workplace behaviors: A mediated moderated model in Pakistan  
Adeeba Khan and Raza Naqvi

Insurgency, Reforms, Merger and the Third Era of Development in ErstwhileFederally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan  
Luqman Hakeem and Kashif Amin

The Impact Of Job Resources On Work Engagement With The Mediating Role Of Organizational Commitment  
Raham Badshah , Nazim Ali and Shafiq ur Rahman

The Role of HPWS on Job Satisfaction: A Mediating Role of Political Skills  
Ali Asad,Hafiz Muhammah Ali Razaand Suleman Aziz Lodhi




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