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Special Edition



The issue number "Volume XI Number 03" appearing in the Special Edition of Journal of Managerial Sciences, 2017, may be read as "Volume XI Number 03 (SE)"

The Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance and Solvency Risk of Pakistanís Cement Manufacturing Firms

Mahboob Ullah* and Nouman Afgan†

Corporate Identity Management and Performance of Organization in Public and Private Sector of Pakistan

Abdul Jaleel* and Kashif ur Rehman†

Impact of Family Involvement on the Bank Performance and Risk Taking Behavior: Evidence from Islamic Countries

Safdar Husain Tahir*, Faiza Rehman†, Qaria Aziz‡, Muhammad Rizwan Ullah§ and Nadeem Iqbal

Dynamic Relationship between Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Time Series Analysis from Pakistan & India

Imran Umer Chhapra* Raja Rehan† and Abdul Qadir Patoli‡

Financial Awareness and Return through Financial Literacy: Pathway to financial Success of an Economy

Ayesha Saba* and Faisal Aftab†

Decision Making and Behavioral Heuristics of Investors in Non-Financial Sector: A Case of Pakistan Stock Exchange
Shagufta Parveen* and Muhammad Ayub Siddiqui†

Impact of Real Effective Exchange Rate on Unemployment in Pakistan: An Empirical Investigation
Atif Ali Jaffri*, Haleema Amreen†, Rooma Asjed‡ and Moniba Sana§

Antecedents of the Firm Risk: A Case of Islamic Banking Sector in Pakistan
Nadeem Iqbal*, Hina Najam†, Ghazanfra Majeed‡, Qaiser Abbas§, and Safdar Hussain Tahir**

The Dynamics of Macroeconomic Forces and Stock Market Performance – An empirical Analysis
Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal* and Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman†

Commodity Market Volatility around National Elections of Pakistan
Noman Khan*, Muhammad Asad Khan†, Asim Anwar‡ and Syed Asim Shah§

Macro-Economic Factors and Firm Downside Systematic Risk: Socio-Political index as Moderation
Shahzad Hussain* and Syed Muhammad Amir Shah†

Reframing of Financial Risk Modeling in Public Sector Cooperative Financial Institutions of Punjab dealing in Agricultural Credit
Mirza Muhammad Ali Baig* and Ahmad Raza Bilal†

Empirical Analysis of Factors Affecting Cash Holdings in Non-Financial Firms: Evidence from Public Listed Firms of Pakistan
Lala Rukh*, Shafiq ur Rehman†, and Sangeen Khan‡

A Comparative Analysis of Pre- and Post-Mergers’ Profitability: Differential Realization of Financial and Non-Financial Institutions
Muhammad Kashif Khan*, Muhammad Azizullah Khan†, Muhammad Ramzan‡, Rawish Jalil§

The Devil Made Me Do It: Environmental Factors Leading to Corporate Financial Fraud
Sohail Rizwan*, Junaid Ahmed† and Rajah Rasiah‡

Major Challenges and Opportunities for Islamic Banking and SMEs in Pakistan

Ayaz ul Haq* and Kashif ur Rehman†

CEO Power, Board Size and Firm Performance: Evidence from Pak, China, USA and India Banking Sector
Muhammad Mansoor*, Nazima Ellahi†, Zulkarnain Khan‡, MuteeUr Rahman§

Impact of Ownership and Board Structure on Dividend Pay-Out under High and Low Growth Opportunities: Evidence from Non-Financial Firms of Pakistan
Muhammad Iltaf*,Bilal Atique†, Muhammad Ans Hafeez‡, Mubeen Abdur Rehman§ and Muhammad Kashif Khurshid**

The Impact of Islamic Governance Mechanisms on Corporate Governance Compliance and Disclosure
Muhammad Yar Khan*, Tahira Awan†, Naima Saleem‡ and Anam Javeed§

Assessing the Mediating Role of manufacturing competitive strategies in the relationship of Quality Management System and Financial Performance
Faryal Jalil*, Muhammad Shafiq†, Wasimul Rehman‡ and Muhammad Wasim Akram§

A Study on Working Capital Practices across Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan
Anwar Hussain*, Ahmed Imran Hunjra†, Farida Faisal‡, and Irfan Ahmad Baig§

An Empirical Investigation about the suitable financial distress prediction methods: A Case from Pakistan’s Manufacturing Sector
Muhammad Naeem Akhtar*, Kashif-ur-Rehman†, and Muhammad Irfan‡

Determining Causality between Stock Market Gross Index, Capital Index and Housing Price Index: A case of New Zealand
Niaz Hussain Ghumro*, Muhammad Abaid Ullah Waqih†, Sarfraz Ahmed Dakhan‡ and Faiz Mohammad Khawaja§

The Effect of Corporate Ownership Structure and Board Size on Earnings Management: A Case of Pakistan Stock Exchange Listed Manufacturing Firms
Ijaz Haider*, Hazoor Muhammad Sabir†, Muhammad Adnan Afzal‡, Muhammad Sajid§, and Muhammad Kashif Khurshid**

Ricardian Land Valuation Theory: Spatial and Temporal Investigation in Pakistan
Shumaila Sadiq*, Abdul Saboor† and Maaz Javaid‡

Effect of Capital Structure on Profitability: A Case Study of Automobile Sector in Pakistan.
Shumaila Hashim*, Sana Amin†, Nida Habib‡

Determinants of Risk Disclosure in Pakistan: Evidence from Textile firms listed at Pakistan Stock Exchange
Muhammad Ishtiaq*, Khalid Latif†, Adnan Ashraf‡ and Muhammad Awais Akram§



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