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Education and Information Management (EIM2017

Special Edition



The issue number "Volume XI Number 03" appearing in the Special Edition of Journal of Managerial Sciences, 2017, may be read as "Volume XI Number 03 (SE)"

Attitude and Knowledge of Undergraduate Students towards Smoking at Sukkur IBA University
Javed Ali*, Khalil Ahmed Channa† and Niaz Ahmed Bhutto‡

Impact of Different Factors in Creation of Word Of Mouth at Hospitality Industry
Muhammad Muzamil Sattar*, Abdul Qadeer† and Agha Jahanzeb‡

Impact of Web Service Quality on Re-purchase Intention
Abdul Qaddos*, Umar Naseer† and Tahir Hussain‡

Stock Market, Exchange Rate and Bond Market Integration: Evidence from Pakistan
Niaz Hussain Ghumro*, Mubasher Ali Jamro†, Sarfaraz Ahmed Dakhan‡ and Faiz Mohammad Khawaja§

The Performance Evaluation of Life Insurance Companies of Pakistan
Zubair Ali Shahid*, Agha Jahanzeb†, Athar Iqbal‡ and Agha Amad Nabi§

Relationship among Emotional Intelligence, Self-efficacy, and Achievement Score of Students at Elementary Level
Muhammad Shabbir Ali*, Naveed Azmat† and Sabahat Parveen‡

Error Analysis and its Role in Language Learning Skills
Muhammad Safdar Bhatti*, Asif Iqbal†, Sabahat Parveen‡, and Zahida Javaid§

Digital Media: Effects on Students’ Attitude towards Science among University Science Students
Muhammad Shabbir Ali*, Sabahat Parveen†, and Hina Jalal‡

Effects of Speech Anxiety on Students’ Performance at Secondary Level
Asif Iqbal*, Muhammad Safdar Bhatti†, Sabahat Parveen‡ and Zahida Javaid§

A Comparative Study about the Use of SMS in Formal Writing of the Students in Universities
Nazia Suleman*, Sabahat Parveen†, and Uzma Sadiq‡

Impact of Capital Market Expansion on Company’s Capital Structure Snawer Gill*, Dilbar Hassan Ch† and Rakhshanda Maqsood‡

Investment Decisions and Capital Budgeting Practices in Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan
Muhammad Ishtiaq*, Khalid Latif†, Muhammad Saleem‡, Nayyer Tahir§, and Tayyab Tahir*

Impact of Working Capital Management on Firm Performance in different Organizational Life Cycles
Muhammad Usman*, Memoona Saleem†, Faiq Mahmood‡, and Humera Shahid§

Determinants of Bank Asset Quality and Profitability
Saqib Muneer*,Muhammad Ishtiaq†, Muhammad Shahid Tufail‡ and Sahar Sarwar§

An Overview of The Impact of Store Image on Private Label Brand’s Prestige with Moderating Role of Perceived Price
Sajjad Ahmad Baig*, Muhammad Abrar†, Khalid Jamilffi, Fiza Amjad§ and Zeeshan Amjad Khan**

Mediating Role of Knowledge Exchange and Impact of HR Practices on Firm Performance: Empirical Study on Textile Sector of Faisalabad
Fiza Amjad*, Sajjad Ahmad Baig†, Muhammad Zia ur Rehman‡, Muhammad Hashim§ and Khalid Jamil**

Treat Employees Like They Are Source of Productivity: An Empirical Study Determining The Impact Of Motivation On Job Performance In Education Sector.
Muhammad Shahid Tufail*,Ayesha Sharif†, Mohsin Bashir‡, Tahira Iqbal§

Impact of Self-Efficacy on Women Entrepreneurial Intention: Mediating Role of Perceived Behavior Control and Moderating Role of Openness to Experience
Jamila Khurshid*and Muhammad Ishfaq Khan†

Corporate Sustainability – Scale Development Study
Gulfam Khan Khalid Baghoor*, Iffat Rasool†,Abdul Wahid‡, and Abdul Latif§

Impact of Effective Management on Growth of Small and Medium Sized Firms: Evidence from Pakistani firms Rakhshanda Maqsood*, Snawer Gill† and Dilbar Hassan Ch‡

Authoritarian Leadership and Employees’ Deviant Workplace Behaviors: Moderating role of Benevolent Leadership and Mediating Role of Trust in Leader
Abdul Latif*,Gulfam Khan Khalid Baghoor†, Iffat Rasool‡

Implications of Domesticated Modern Media Technologies on Family Cohesion in Punjab, Pakistan
Muhammad Roman*, Ashfaq Ahmad Mann†, Izhar Ahmad Khan‡ and Babar Shahbaz§

High Performance Work System and Organizational Performance: Exploring the Mediating Role of Stress
Fazal Hussain Awan*, Mohsin Bashir†, Muhammad Abrarffi, Rizwan Shabbir§ and Shahnawaz Saqib**

Power of Negative Emotions at workplace: Envy, Subjective career success, Thriving at work with moderating role of Self-control (An emerging trend of positive psychology)
Saba Ahmed* and Sajid Bashir†



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