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Special Edition



The issue number "Volume XI Number 03" appearing in the Special Edition of Journal of Managerial Sciences, 2017, may be read as "Volume XI Number 03 (SE)"

Role of Ethical Self Identity in Predicting Buying Intentions toward Societal Friendly Products: A study of Societal Conscious Consumers
Khansa Zaman* and Sajid Bashir†

The Main and Complementary effects of Online Service and Information Quality on Purchase Intentions
Shan Li*, Muhammad Abubakar Tahir†, Muhammad Ziaullah‡, Shumaila Naz Akhter§

Dimensions of Customer Value Co-Creation Behavior in a Service Setting
Kamran Khan* and Syed Karamatullah Hussainy†

Drone Strikes and Stock Market Behavior: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
Muhammad Naveed1, Osman Bin Saif2, Shoaib Ali3 and Hafiz Mushtaq Ahmad4

The Social Media Advertising Model (SMAM): A Theoretical Framework
Qazi Mohammed Ahmed*, and Dr Muhammad Mustafa Raziq†

Online Impulsive Buying Behavior: A Model and Empirical Investigation
Muhammad Danish Habib* and Abdul Qayyum†

Employee Engagement-Best Practices of Successful Companies- Study of Gallup Great Workplace Award
Ghulam Yaseen Veesar* and Gazan Bozai†

Perceived Product Quality: Role of Extrinsic Cues
Anam Javeed*, Sany Sanuri bin Mod Mokhtar†, Ismail bin Lebai Othman‡ and Muhammad Yar Khan§

Job Strain, Employee Greed, and Employee Envy: Moderating Role of Self-Monitoring in the Banking Sector of Pakistan
Qlander Hayat* and Muhammad Mehdi Raza Naqvi†

Assessing the Efficiency of Water and Sanitation Agencies of Punjab, Pakistan: A Benchmarking Approach
Arfan Ali*, Mohsin Bashir†, Muhammad Munib‡, Shahnawaz Saqib§, and Abdul Sami**

Nexus of Devolvement of HRM, HRM effectiveness and Organizational performance: The moderating role of organizational support
Muhammad Waseem* and Abdul Majid†

The Impact of Organizational Learning on Innovation and Competitive Advantage: The Mediating Role of Organizational Culture
Sharjeel Saleem*, Mohsin Bashir†, Muhammad Shahid Tufail‡, Muhammad Usman§ and Tamkeen Ali Jaffry**

Impact of Managerial Coaching Behavior on Job Performance: Analyzing the Role of Organization Commitment And Role Clarity
Sidra Akhtar* and Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman†

Workplace Incivility, Service Spirit and Gossips at Workplace: Perception of Nurses Working in Public Sector Hospitals of Pakistan
Shahnawaz Saqib*, Sharjeel Saleem†, Mohsin Bashirffi, and Arfan Ali§

Assessing the Relationship between Service Quality and Customer Loyalty: Evidence from Takaful Insurance Customers in Pakistan
Muhammad Tayyab Kashif*, Adeel Anjum†, Muhammad Ashfaq‡, Muhammad Azeem§ and Muhammad Kashif Khurshid**

Impact of Product Price and Marketing Communication on Consumer Attitude with Mediating Effect of Buying Decision
Adeel Anjum*, Muhammad Tayyab Kashif†, Muhammad Ashfaq‡, Muhammad Azeem§ and Muhammad Kashif Khurshid**

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems and User Performance (UP)
Abrar Ullah*, Rohaizat Bin Baharun† Khalil MD Nor‡, Muhammad Siddique§ and Abdul Sami**

A Study of ADE Program Introduced at Elementary Level with the Support of USAID-HEC In The Light of Graduated Students of the Institutions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Shakeel Hussain*, Allah Noor Khan† and Mati Ullah‡

Socio-Psychological Effects on the Media Professional during the Military Operations in Pakistan
Rooh ul Amin Khan*and Zahid Yousaf†

Impact of Work Environment Factors on Employee Performance; Empirical Evidence from Manufacturing Industry of Lahore
Khawar Nadeem* and Aqeel Ahmad†

Making Sense of Electronic Media Regulatory Agencies: A Case of PEMRA
Mahnoor Farooq*, Amir Saeed†, Khalil Ahmad‡, Ghalib Ata§ and Abdul Sami**

Making Sense of Current Power Policies in Pakistan
Amir Saeed*, Hassan Sajid†, Ghalib Ata‡, Kashif Rathore§ and Abdul Sami**

Effect of Latest Technology and Social Media on Interpersonal Communication on Youth of Balochistan
Arifa Bibi*, Sonia Bukhari†, Abdul Sami‡, Asmara Irfan§ and Hira Liaquat**

An Analysis of Citizens’ Trust in E-Government Services and User Satisfaction and Their Impact on E-Services Adoption in Pakistan
Muhammad Shahid Tufail*, Mohsin Bashir†, Ayesha Sharif‡ and Riffat Noureen§

An Investigation into the Determinants Affecting Green Purchase Intention: Insights from a Developing Country
Kauser Hayat*, Shahid Jan†, and Aamir Nadeem‡




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