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Volume. Special Edition

Global Development in Humanities, Education and Civilization (GDHEC 2017)

Special Edition



The issue number "Volume XI Number 03" appearing in the Special Edition of Journal of Managerial Sciences, 2017, may be read as "Volume XI Number 03 (SE)"

The Mediating Role of Overall Justice in Justice-Employees Attitudes Relationship: A Test of Five Factors Model
Ahmed Ullah Shah* & Muhammad Ishfaq Khan†

Front Line Female Hospitality Worker’s Emotional Labor and Adaptive Performance: Does Islamic Work Ethics Moderate Relationship?
Filza Hameed* and Sajid Bashir†

Assessing the Impact of Business School Interventions on Learners’ Entrepreneurial Propensity
Muhammad Abid*, Hafizullah†, Muhammad Kaleem‡, Zeeshan Zaib Khattak§, and Sammar Abbas**

Working Women’s Dilemma in Balancing Personal and Work Life
Fatima Abrar* and Muhammad Zia-ur-Rehman†

The Link between Perceived Service Quality Dimensions and Customer Satisfaction: An Empirical Study of Public Higher Education Sector of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Nisar Muhammad* Shahid Jan Kakakhel† and Qadar Bakhsh Baloch

Does Emotional Intelligence Moderates The Effect of Domestic Violence on Women Health Status? A Case Study of District Rawalpindi
Tahseen Ajaz* and Muhammad Tariq Majeed†

Effects of Gendering on Performance of Academics in Pakistani Universities
Zeeshan Zaib Khattak*, Sammar Abbas†, Muhammad Khushnood‡ Muhammad Kaleem§ and Owais Mufti**

Comparative Analysis of Communication Climate and Self-Efficacy of Teachers at University Level
Sabir Ali*, Shazia Zamir†, Fozia Fatima‡ and Sobia Fatima§

Effect of Demographic Factors over Achievement Motivation of Students at University Level in Islamabad
Fozia Fatima*, Shazia Zamir†, Sabir Ali‡, Sobia Fatima§

Learning and Practicing of Innovative Pedagogical Skills of Prospective Teachers’ In Teaching Practicum At B. ED (Hons) Elementary Program
Faiza Masood* and Malik Ghulam Behlol†

Educator’s views regarding integration of Educational videos and games into social studies teaching; A Qualitative inquiry
Maria Bibi* and Farhana Khurshid†

Do Pakistani Open End Mutual Funds Provide Fair Return against Risks Taken? A Risk Adjusted Performance Evaluation of the Industry
Adnan Ahmad*, Yasir Khan†, Shahzad Jamil‡and Muhammad Ilyas§

Exploiting Lexical Ambiguity And Misunderstanding In Software Engineering With Regards To English Language
Faiza Abid* and Naheed Ashfaq†

Utilizing the Flipped Classroom Approach for the Teaching of Science at Elementary Level: An Experimental Study
Aneela Alam*, Farhana Khurshid† and Tanzeela Alam‡

Impact of Organizational Justice on Employee Performance: Mediating Role of Emotional Intelligence: An Analysis of Public Sector Organizations of Pakistan
Adil Tahir Pracha*, Summera Malik†, Malik Faisal Azeem‡ and Robina Yasmin§

Application of BOS in Formulation of KPIs for Managing Training Program in Professional and Science Education
Amina Noor* and Kashif ur Rehman†

Parental Attitudes towards Participation of Female Students In Co Curricular Activities At Secondary Level In Pakistan
Naveed Sultana*

Pleasure in the Job Puts Perfection in the Work: The Impact of Organizational Practices on Job Performance with Moderating Role of Job Satisfaction
Muhammad Shahid Tufail* , Ayesha Sharif†, Iram Bashir ‡and Sania Shaukat§

Impact of Employee’s Behavior on Corporate Social Responsibility Activities of Service Organizations: A Mediating Role of CSR Pursuance Motivation
Gulfam Khan Khalid*, Iffat Rasool†, Abdul Latif‡ and Shazia Sadiq§,

The Challenges to the Diffusion of Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Mohammad Daud Ali* and Syed Imad Shah†

Organizational Climate and Knowledge Sharing: A Moderating Role of Cognitive Based Trust among Health Care Professionals
Kiran Razzaq*, Wasim ul Rehman†, Muhammad Khyzer Bin Dost‡ and Muhammad Wasim Akram§

Clan Culture and Spiritual Motivation to devise Academicians’ Intention towards Tacit Knowledge Sharing in business schools of Pakistan
Iram Shahzadi*

Maximizing Stakeholders’ Well-being through Management of Assets-Liabilities: A Qualitative Financial Analysis amid Pakistan Evidences
Abdul Rehman Sajid* and Kashif ur Rehman†

Impact of Disclosure on the Performance of Commercial Banks in Pakistan
Arif Hussain* and Shahid Jan†



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