International Criminal Court (ICC): An Analysis of its Successes and Failures and Challenges Faced by the ICC Tribunals for War Crimes
Minhas Majeed Khan, and Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat

Effects of Terrorism on Secondary School Students in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Mohammad Bilal, Hafiz M. Inamullah and Hafiz M. Irshadullah

A Multidimensional Analysis of Pakistani Press Editorials
Urooj Alvi, Muhammad Asim Mehmood & Shafqat Rasool

Effect of Governmental Notification of Up-gradation on Job Satisfaction of Teachers of Children with Mental Retardation in Punjab
Ghulam Fatima, Muhammad Saeed Akhtar and Misbah Malik

Effects of Learning Style on Achievement of Distance Learners
Jamshed Khan and Muhammad Javed Iqbal

Promoting Studentsí English Proficiency through Curriculum at the Secondary Level  
Jehangir Adil and Niaz Muhammad

The Use of Language Learning Strategies by Pakistani M.A. English Students in Literature/Linguistics
Akbar Ali, Mamuna Ghani, Fazal Malik and Aziz Ahmad

Microcredit & its Significance in Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation: Evidence from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe
Murad Ali, Gohar Saeed and Farzand Ali Jan

The Conflict of Puritanism in Milton: An Analysis
Abdul Hamid Khan

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