Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Pak-Afghan Relations After 9/11
Hanif-ur-Rehman and Jamshed Khan

Role of Political Will in Reinstatement of Female Primary Education in War Ridden Areas of Swat, Pakistan
Sayed Waseem Basher, Asad Ullah, Bushra Shafi & Mussawar Shah

Towards the De-radicalization of Pakistani Society: A Historiography of the Educational System of the Muslims during the Umayyad’s and the Abbasid’s Period
Muhammad Akhtar & Khalid Jamil Rawat

An Analysis of Motivational Factors for Teachers in Teaching Profession and Their Impact on Students’ Performance
Parveen Khan

Analysis of Trade liberalization between India and Pakistan  
Ahmed Ali Naqvi & Tasmia Tahira

A Critical Assessment of Jus Cogen Nature of International Human Rights Law  
Hidayat Ur Rehman, Syed Raza Shah Gilani & Muhammad Haroon Khan

Poverty Trap – Who Are Responsible and How to Get Release from It?  
Javed Iqbal

A Comparative Review of Traditional and New Public Administration and Critique of New Public Management  
Yorid Ahsan Zia and M. Zeb Khan

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